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    Wireless network card upgrade with AC-7260: no Bluetooth


      I have a Dell Studio One (1909) All-in-One that was new in Aug 2009. The wireless network card (Dell 1397 WLAN mini card) ceased working after a Windows update in early April. As part of the troubleshooting I installed Windows 10 Creator's Edition (v. 1703). The Dell 1397 did not offer Bluetooth.


      So I replaced the old (Broadcom) card with an AC-7260 HMWG.R PCI-e mini card. Windows found a driver during first startup and Wi-Fi is working. But the Windows troubleshooter says there is no Bluetooth device. I have now installed the Intel driver (v. and the Intel Driver Update Utility tells me there are no updates available.


      Should the Bluetooth device on the AC-7260 work on this computer?


      I have just had a thought that perhaps the Dell slot does not provide a connection for the Bluetooth part of the AC-7260?