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    librealsense forked?




      I see that the librealsense in the IntelEuclid github is a fork of the main librealsense.

      As such, it's not getting the latest updates and fixes.


      That's problematic for me because I'm using a SR300 camera on top of the one already inside the Euclid, and many SR300 fixes have been made after the fork.

      It's only going to get worse as time goes by.


      Would everything work properly if I replaced the librealsense on my euclid with the official one?
      If no, are there any plans to merge the Euclid librealsense changes back into the main branch?



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          Hi Jeremyhx,


          Unfortunately, Euclid is using a very specific librealsense version which synchronizes the depth camera with the fisheye and imu, the public/latest librealsense doesn't has those features.

          Regarding the SR300, you can use multiple versions of librealsense, and link to the specific version you want, so it shouldn't be a problem ..



          Majd (intel)

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            Hi Majd,


            Librealsense is supposed to support the ZR300 (with fisheye and IMU) too, why not merge? It looks like it needs these features as well.

            It would also be a lot cleaner than separate linking.




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              Hi Jeremy,


              ZR300, and Euclid has the same components, but there is 1 big difference between them, ZR300 has another chip/board that "combines" the data from the R200 camera and the fisheye/imu module to 1 usb output synchronized (that's why the ZR300 is so big), but Euclid doesn't has this chip/ASIC, the R200 camera is connected through "USB", and the fisheye/imu connected through MIPI connector to the SOC, and we do all the synchronization in librealsense .. that's why we have a different version.


              If you don't want to use the fisheye/imu from the motion module (by the way, Euclid has another IMU connected to the ISH (sensor hub) ), you can use the latest librealsense, it will give you everything but the fisheye/imu - it will treat Euclid as R200 camera




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                I wonder if the missing ASIC chip's functions could be emulated in firmware software, similar to how game console emulator programs replicate the functions that chips in old consoles handled.  It's probably too late to do it for Euclid, but maybe something to look at it a similar situation occurs in a future product.

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                  It is kind of emulated in software at librealsense level, that's why we have our own fork

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                    Thanks for the interesting explanation.

                    There would still be significant benefits to merging it, but only to Euclid users then.

                    It would certainly be great if someone at Intel would take care of it before we're missing out on too many fixes / new features, or at least backport the good ones.