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    dh55tc bootproblem (startup) after some hours powered off




      i have troubles with a new mainboard dh55tc. after installing the board in the chassis, connect everything and install the os it works perfectly but when i turn it off and start it in a few minutes normale i have no problem. when its off and i start it two hours later it didn't boot, i only see the intel logo with no boot-key menu. in this state the computer didn't react on any keypressing. then i turn off the computer and eg. disconnect the dvd-rom from the sata port the workstation boots normaly. then i turned it off and wait another two hours the computer didn't boot, then i connect the dvd on the sata port it works !?


      here is my hardwareconfiguration:
      - mainboard: intel dh55tc micro-atx
        - bios-version: 0028
      - cpu: intel core i3-530 2,93ghz lga1156
      - ram: 2x ddr3-ram kit 4gb 1333mhz cl7 kingston hyperX xmp
      - graphic: pci-e 2.0 zotac geforce gt 220 zone edtion, 1gb


      i hope that somebody can help


      greetings from austria

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