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    Quark X1000 PCIe only works in root port mode?


      Hello everyone,


      I'm a newbie so I hope I'm not asking wrong question in a wrong place and in a wrong manner


      For a project which I'm working on, there will be a "CompactPCI Serial" form factor and a lot of electronic cards which will be tightly coupled with PCIe, Ethernet and SATA communications. I'm trying to tell you this link actually:


      CompactPCI® Serial | PICMG


      The system have a central controller (master or root) slot and other peripheral slots (slaves or endpoints). I was thinking that the slots can communicate via PCIe Gen1 or Gen2 in order to get higher bandwidth. The central processor in the central controller card will be Rangeley or Denverton family SoC. For a peripheral card, which is mainly responsible for digital or analog input-output, I may use a Quark X1000 SoC both read-write operations and PCIe and other kind of communications (Ethernet, SATA etc.). But unfortunately, quark x1000 SoC only supports root mode in PCIe. I want to make sure that this SoC only works in root port mode. If it can be work as an endpoint device, it can be the best-fit processor for my peripheral cards.


      If you can answer my question, I would be grateful. I am open every kind of suggestion about the system by the way.


      Thanks in advance,