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    Intel Joule - How do i get extensive Documentation on the Joule's Media Framework?


      Hi all,

           I have gathered that Intel Joule Provides an IPU which provides a variety of Image Processing Features, as described in IoT link.

           But, I would like to gather more practical information on how to make use of these features.


           As far as I studied, I know the following features are supported:

        • 3-D rendering
        • media composting
        • video decoding / encoding methods:
          • AVC (H.264)
          • HEVC (H.265)
          • VP8 and VP9
        • DirectX* (9.3, 10, 11.3, 12)
        • OpenGL# 4.3 and OGL ES 3.1
        • OpenCL* 2.0
        • 4x anti-aliasing
        • content protection using PAVP 2.0


           Is there any more documentation on the exhaustive list of features supported by the Media Framework?


           Can u Please provide me with the Technical Reference Manual (TRM) for the Intel Joule Processor, or the IPU?


           I did some digging and found the list of media devices enlisted by the media-ctl -p command. which i have attached as Media-Ctl.txt


           Thanks in advance.intel_admin