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    long time to connect with hostapd



      I use my edison with hostapd. I manage to connect many smartphone on it.

      I have a audio streaming app and all smartphones receive in real time the audio streaming.


      But I have an issue. For the first connexion, smartphones take lonnnnnnng time to be connected, something like 60seconds.


      my udhcpd-for-hostap.conf




      start #default:

      end #default:



      interface wlan0 #default: eth0



      emaining yes #default: yes



      pidfile /var/run/udhcpd-wlan0.pid #default: /var/run/udhcpd.pid


      opt subnet


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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Maathor,

          Thank you for contacting us

          I just connected a smartphone to my Edison, and it took me longer than you (2min), I think that's how it usually works.

          Personally, I have not found anything to reduce this time, so unfortunately, I do not have a recommendation for you in this case.

          Leonardo R.