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    when will it be available Intel NUC NUC7i7BNHX1?


      Hi Intel!


      when will it be available Intel NUC NUC7i7BNHX1? from Italy

      I from Italy.

      with processors Intel® Core™ i7-7567U Processor (4M Cache, up to 4.00 GHz) very good processor for my

      please Tell me the price of this model in €.


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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello gnfgndgheth,

          Thank you for contacting Intel Communities.

          I am not aware of the launch date for new Intel products until the official release date.
          I recommend checking the product page, but be aware that availability and pricing depend on your location and the retailers. 

          Thank you for considering Intel products.

          Best Regards,
          Juan V.

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            The NUC products are sold through the retail channels. Consequently, while Intel can tell you when they have been released, they cannot tell you how long it will take for them to show up in storefronts. This depends upon the stocking models (i.e. layers of distribution, location of distribution centers with respect to storefronts, etc.), shipping methods (i.e. whether shipping from China via fast plane or slow ship), etc. that are being used by the channel entities. Similarly, Intel cannot tell you what the final price is that you are going to have to pay. While Intel defines the base price for the units, they have little control over how much is added to this base price by the channel entities to cover shipping costs, distribution (stocking) costs, markup, etc.


            Intel will need to chime in and tell us when the updated models are actually being released. After that, it is between you and the storefronts...


            Hope this helps,