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    STCK1A8LFC in boot loop after software update installed. What can I do to fix this?


      I can get into BIOS via F2 key during boot and then can select only  recovery boot.


      The boot start the boot after choosing this  option.

      The text Intel Stick pops up shortly in the middle of the screen and then a 2 messages

      show up quickly (needed to take several pictures with my camera to capture them)


      [    0.332827] pnp 00:02:can't evaluate _CRS: 1

      [   12.558866]  i8812: No controller found


      It then goes on with Ubuntu booting  and doing lots of stuff I can see.

      It goes through this in a permanent loop showing the 2 line message over and over again.

      I think the 2 messages are my problem (note the numbers in them are not always the same).


      Is it possible to corrupt the stick by not leaving enough space on it for temp files?

      (got a warning that only 2% space was left before reboot after the installation finished)


      Do you think an update of the BIOS will help using the F7mode?

      I have downloaded the new BIOS on a FAT32 formatted USB stick.

      I installed the newest BIOS .. same problem.


      Is there any way I can get a new image file for the stick to reload?


      Message was edited by: B S I installed the newest BIOS to try again.