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    6i7kyk usb-c connecting Pixel XL causes DP monitor to turn off




      Bit of an odd situation, I've never connected my Pixel XL to my nuc before, but due to broadband outage, I've had to use it as a hotspot.  After a frustrating few hours with the Pixel XL turning its wifi hotspot off every 10-15 mins, it was suggested I use the usb-c to usb-c connection and enable usb tethering, after an install of a Remote NDIS driver I was soon up and running with a good stable and fast connection.


      However, my second monitor on DP turned off, if I pull out my HDMI monitor, my DP monitor turns on.  I can replicate it several times.  Pull the hdmi out and the DP monitor comes on, put the hdmi in and it tries to display on both, but eventually shuts the DP monitor off.


      Could it be a power draw issue?


      Windows 10 64bit