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    can't find hard drive windows 7


      I got a NUC5i5RYK and bought a Samsung 960 Evo SSd m.2 250gb. But it cant find the hard drive when i try to install windows. And I dont know how to go into bios aswell. It doesnt work.

      What should I do?

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          Now there's a loaded question...


          The Windows 7 O/S does not have built-in support for NVMe SSDs nor does it have built-in support for USB 3.0. As a result, you are required to do a number of things:


          1. You *must* boot the Windows 7 installation media in UEFI mode and you *must* set up Windows 7 to subsequently boot in UEFI mode. UEFI support is an absolute requirement for booting from a NVMe SSD drive and for accessing the NVMe SSD during the Windows 7 installation process.
          2. You *must* have the Samsung NVMe driver included on your Windows 7 installation media. Download their driver from Samsung's support site. The raw driver files can be placed in the root folder of your installation media and, when you get to the screen where you will select where to install Windows 7, you can load this driver and make the drive available for selection.
          3. If you boot from the Windows 7 installation media and your keyboard and mouse do not seem to work, you need to perform some remedial updating of your media. In order for Windows 7's installation image to "see" your keyboard and mouse, you *must* have the Intel USB 3.0 driver gas-pumped into your installation image. Intel provides a package to help you do this. Download it from here: Download Windows 7* USB 3.0 Creator Utility.


          Hope this helps. There are a lot of other discussions of these requirements here in the [Intel NUC] support forum you can look at...


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            Man, I just buy a new Intel SSD instead because this is way to complex for me to do that sucks at computers. but thanks for the help m8

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              I am not sure what you are trying to say, but what brand or kind of drive you are going to utilise is not going to make any difference to the situation. It is your desire to use such an old O/S that is responsible for most of the complications (but don't get me wrong; I too would rather use Windows 7 than any of the steaming piles of dung that MS has produced since then). The issue is that, when Windows 7 was released, some of these technologies (USB 3.0 and NVMe) simply did not exist and you have to add support for them before or during the installation process. It's not impossible, but it can be complicated. For the less-than-sophisticated, I suggest that you get an installation image that someone has already updated. I believe that there was one posted previously by one user; search the old postings...


              Some more information that will help others. To my knowledge, only Samsung (PM951, SM951, 950 PRO, 960 EVO, 960 PRO),  and Toshiba/OCZ (XG3, RD400) have released their own drivers for their NVMe SSDs; all other manufacturers (Intel included) rely on MS for their NVMe support. MS built a NVMe driver into Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. I have seen a package from MS that purports to make this driver available for Windows 7, but I have not seen anyone deliver a Windows 7 installation image that has this driver gaspumped into it or that makes this driver available for dynamic loading during the installation process. If someone has such an image, I would love to see it too; there are a lot of other NVMe SSD manufacturers out there and I would love to have the option to use their drives with Windows 7...