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    NUC7 audio jack popping


      I have received my NUC7I5BNK a few days ago, and I'm noticing some strange noise when I plug my earbuds in the audio jack. My earbuds are Soundmagic E10C with an in-line remote and microphone. When I plug them in the NUC jack the realtek manager pops up. If I set them as headphones everything works as intended. I can hear a very faint pop after stopping any audio, which I assume is the audio jack being cut out when not in use. When I use the headset setting in the realtek manager however, I can hear the same faint popping sound regularly every few seconds when no audio is being played, which is annoying. I am not sure of this is the normal behaviour of the realtek chip, I thought that maybe it is polling the audio jack when it is expecting a microphone maybe.



      Could other NUC owners advise if they have noticed a similar thing? The pop is very faint and only happens when not audio is being played. I am still in my amazon return window so I want to make sure that this is normal, as I don't want to go through an unnecessary return. Thanks for your help!