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    Raid 5 'failed' instead of 'degraded'


      One of the drives on my ICH10r 3x1TB RAID5 array went down a while  ago. I just got the replacement and it seems to be fine, however I can't  get the RAID controller to do anything useful  with it.

      The volume is marked as 'failed' instead of 'degraded'. The manual  for Intel Matrix Storage Manager says it should only be marked as  'failed' when more than one member drive has failed, however the  software clearly indicates that there is only one missing drive.

      Intel Matrix Storage Controller doesn't seem to be giving me any  option to include the drive (which is shown under 'Non-RAID Disks') in  the array, nor it is automatically rebuilding the array or anything like  that.

      Is there any way to force it to return to 'degraded' and attempt a  rebuild?

      Thanks in advance,