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    Documents for Euclid


      I just got my Euclid not a lot of time yet to really dig into it. But reading the Documents I keep running into Launch File – lr200m_nodelet_default.launch  shouldn't be zr300_nodelet_default.launch ?



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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi Microsat. 

          Thanks for contacting the Intel® Euclid™ Development Kit support forum, let us investigate this scenario for you to confirm which is the correct Launch file for the Euclid kit and we'll get back to you as soon as we have more information.

          Leonardo L 

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            Hi Darron,


            it is because of a technicality - ZR300 has a USB interface for the for depth, rgb and motion module (fisheye + imu). the Euclid has the motion module connected via mipi. some adjustements were needed.





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