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    i7-860 to the i7-920 Questions.


      I need to upgrade a system that has a dead motherboard and I haven't built any systems in like 3 1/2 years so I'm a little behind in technology these days, so I have a few questions.  What's newer technology the 1156 pin or 1366 pin cpus?  I'm comparing the i7-860 to the i7-920.  The i7-860 seems to be a newer cpu then the i7-920 on the manufactured date.  It says the i7-920 only supports memory types 800/1066Mhz and the i7-860 supports 1066/1333mhz memory.  So, if I install 1333Mhz memory with the i7-920 cpu will that memory only run at 1066Mhz?  I don't understand why if it's a new technology cpu that it only supports slower memory.  Then again the 920 supports 3 memory channels and a little faster memory bus and the System Bus is almost two times faster.  It seems like all the 900 cpus only support the 800/1066 memory bus.  Should I only purchase 1066Mhz memory for this cpu instead of the 1333Mhz memory? Should I order 3 or 4 memory chips? This is the combination I was considering ordering, please let me know if that's all the latest technology and that it should all be compatible or not.  i7-920, Intel  DX58SO Motherboard, and Kingston Value RAM  KVR1333D3N9K3/3G or KVR1066D3N7K3/3G. Thanks for the help and time.

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          If you use a I7-920 with a 1333Mhz ram, the clock speed will be 1066mhz.. it is up to you to purchase 1066 or 1333.. becuase.. if you run 1333. and the processor is running at 1066.. dun worry.. in future.. if there is any new processor which able to run at 1333, you may just change the processor only.. and the ram is fully used on 1333..


          talking about latest technology..

          technology wise.. what you using i7-920 with a DX58SO. it is quite good choice.. however, i recommend you to use Crucial rams..

          i have my benchmark results and running that configuration with Crucial Rams.. it totally rocks your pc..

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            It sounds like it's the best way to go and I can upgrade the CPU later if I want, but that's about it for my budget right now.


            Why does the DX58SO motherboard say it supports 1066/1333/1600 DDR3 memory when all the motherboards supported CPUs for it only support 1066?


            I looked through the tested memory and Intel is saying this Kingston memory is tested and works with this motherboard.  That's why I was going with this memory because I don't want any issues.  It says the memory needs to be less then 1.65v or it could damage the CPU.  They don't say they have tested the Crucial memory.  What voltage is the Crucial memory running at?  Are you talking about the 1066, 1333, or 1600 Crucial memory?  How much faster could the computer run running Crucial over Kingston?  I don't think it would be much.  Also, should you go with 3 or 4 memory sticks? Let me know.  Thanks!



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              Well, I checked Crucial's website and they have 6 different types of memory that they say is compatible with this motherboard and they have either 1.5v or 1.65v and they all have different timings.  How are you supposed to know what to get and what works the best?  I don't want to have any compatibility problems after I install the memory.  Does this motherboard let you manually configure the memory timings in it?  Thanks!




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                I’d say this at the risk of sounding repetitive that Intel in house experts will take questions on anything and everything about their Intel core processors in their next Intel Live Chat event. That will be a very good platform for you to ask this or any other question



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                  Any memory that is compliant with the requirements will work. It doesn't matter if it is Kingston* or Crucial* , just make sure it works below 1.6v.


                  You can get very decent memory like the Kingston Value ram 1333MHz at 1.5v or the Crucial* value select at 1333MHz at 1.5v and it will work great with your system. This will make your system stable and it will be running under specifications.