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    Intel S2600WP serverboard without the chasis


      I recently purchased an Intel S2600WP serverboard without the chasis. According to the product specification this board seems to be compatible with 4 different chasis H2216XXJR , H2216XXKR , H2312XXJR ,H2312XXKR.Of those 4 server boards only H2312XXKR  is available online.  And this happens to cost a fortune after adding the shipping costs.After a lot of search i was able to find only the psu (intels 1200 W redundant supply compatible with S2600WP serverboard) and not the chasis. So i was planning on using this board and the psu without the chasis or a different chasis(which is just a barebone 2U rack). So can i do that ? If not can the community suggest me something else.