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    SSD replace HDD/ file transfer/ technical questions


      SSD replace HDD/ file transfer/ technical questions


      I have a few questions regarding SSD replacement/ files transfer…...


      My sony VAIO has 2 physical hard drives and equipped with INTEL RAID technology, currently set as RAID 0 for the purpose of faster speed.


      I would like to replace the 2 hard drives, as one of them is failing, computer often shuts down itself abruptly. S.T.A.R.T. test says status still ok but errors are critical; other hardware tests are all ok, Windows has found 8 errors on HDDs, CHKSDK and SFC scan fixed the Windows issues, but the 8 errors seems to me are HDD problem.


      I would like to know how it will be the best way for me to replace two HDD (say #1 and #2)  with Samsung two EVO SSD ( say #3 and #4)


      Will it be using the software/ capable:

      - from #1 to #3 ( remove the #2 before transfer), then,

      -from #2 to #4 (  remove the #1 before transfer)




      Plug both #3 and #4 at the same time and transfer altogether at the same time?


      Will it also copy the HDD 8 errors from #2 HDD, also if, the computer shuts down again during transfer, how do I fix the problem??


      And, do i need to re-set up the RAID setting or the cloning will include that as well?




      Should I remove two HDD (#1 #2) and put the new #3 #4 in,  re-set up the INTEL RAID technology for the SSD, then use the SONY VAIO recovery DVDs to clean installation? Honestly this approach is what I am trying to avoid as it takes forever for Windows update and all softwares download & installations.


      Will it be any identification of drive be an problem as HDD and SSD is different?