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    Accessory Kit version of R200, use with USB


      I'm curious if it's possible to convert the R200 camera that comes with the ready to fly drone to regular USB (3.0) so that it can be used with a laptop/desktop.

      Has anyone tried this? Are the pins documented anywhere?



      - Randy

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi Randy,
          Thanks for reaching out.
          I have noticed that you have been participating in this other thread: Intel Aero Visionary kit, and also you have asked for the same information you asked here. I would like to let know that Jose has already provided you a response regarding your inquiry.
          I’ll post the response here: “The USB 3.0 cable used in the R200 Development Kit has been tested by Intel, so I can't guarantee that the R200 in the Aero may work as a desktop camera” 
          Hope that information helps.
          -Yermi A.