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    IOs client APP in Iphone and Ipad does not connect and exit from App unexpectedly against Unite server enterprise topology and Windows and Android client work properly??



      We have implemented a topology with an initial Hub and a Unite Server with SSL certificate working properly against Windows and Android clients, even if we use the automatic configuration(thanks to SRV record in DNS of our domain).


      But IOS App, from a new Iphone and Ipad, does not get connect against the server, pointing manually with the IP or name of de server or automatically. In fact, the app exit of itself when you try to connect and you have to reopen the app again.


      We are lost because in Hub logs there are no records about connections from the IOS device, and in the server and IOS app we can´t see any log or clue in order to change anything in the server or the IOS app.


      I´m worried about an error in the IOS app but I can´t sure it.


      We thank a lot your help.