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    "transform" in scan 3d


      Hello, realsense 3D community,


      Recently, I am working on 3D scanning and would like to access the camera pose in scanning.

      API documentation says that it can be possible to access on QueryTrackingTransform (in 2016 R2) or TransformPointWithProjectionTransform (in 2016 R3).





      However, I cannot find both of them in the *real* API.

      Is there anybody to succeed this? Or, it is just a vaporware in the documentation?


      Moreover, is there anyway to get the C++ sample code of 3D Scan (NOT C#)?


      I'm not sure it existed before, but the snapshot below shows that it had been...



      Anyway the latest SDK does not provide this...


      Thank you in advance,

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          I had a dvd backup of an SDK from the start of 2015 that contained the C++ version of the 3DScan sample.  I cannot provide you with a  download link for that SDK, as Intel have withdrawn it from availability due to possible security vulnerabilities.  However, there should not be a security risk simply from the C++ source for that particular sample.  I have attached it to this message as a zipped folder so you can load it into your C++ editor to look at it.  I hope this helps.

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            Thank you, MartyG .

            Even though I can code C#, but I am mainly develop in C++, so It is very helpful !


            Anyway, I still cannot figure out that it was available to access "transform" or not...

            Is there anybody who knows this stuff?

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              Intel Corporation
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              Hi stnoh,

              We just want to let you know that we are looking onto this, I will provide updates as soon as I have any. Thank you for your patience.

              Pablo M.

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                Intel Corporation
                This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                Hi stnoh,

                You are correct. The online documentation for both SDKs is wrong. Those functions are not implemented. There is no source code available for a C++ sample of 3DScan. The article you cited is for a much older SDK that is no longer available.
                The SDK 2016 R3 documentation for the Scan module (RSSDK/doc/CHM/sdkmanual-scan.chm) that gets installed with SDK shows the correct member functions for the Scan module, which do not include the TransformPoint functions. Unfortunately, both the online and installed documentation for SDK 2016 show the incorrect functions. We will report this to the SDK team to correct the online documentation.

                Pablo M.

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                  Thank you for your reply, Pablo.


                  I guess it is a kind of *core* algorithm part and internally implemented in anyway,

                  but the RSSDK development team does not want to expose these functionalities.


                  OK, I will await the next release (or quick fix?) with these functionalities