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    Micro SD Card(Sandisk 16GB) Cannot Detect and Canot Bootable



      I have Intel Compute Stick model STK1AW32SC which I am trying bootable using micro SD card, but result is unsuccessful.

      Check in Bios Menu(F2), no micro SD card device detected, even USB already set enabled. Understand that this compute stick model already installed Windows 10 32bit OS.


      Micro SD card

      -Storage : 16GB

      -Type      : SDHC Class 10

      -Brand    : Sandisk


      -Bootable micro SD card with Windows 10 32it OS.

      -Bios flash to version 0035

      -Bios cannot detect micro SD card device

      -No issue for USB bootable can detect the device



      1) Does Compute Stick support bootable micro SD card?

      2) If yes, how to make it work, can provide instruction?

      3) If no, any idea this feature will be implement in future? When release date?



      Patrick Yeoh