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    Hard disk on USB HDD dock continuously on off motor


      Dear all

      I have a USB3.0 HDD dock connected to my NUC 7i5BNK.  I found that, after a period the HDD on the dock, will continuously off and on its motor.  Then circle is about 1 minit, 10 second accelerate HDD motor to ready, 5 seconds later off motor, wait 45 seconds, then again.

      This dock has been work with me for a long time. Normally it will off HDD motor after sometime when I am not operating HDD, and will restart the HDD motor when next time I operating HDD again.  But when connect to NUC, it will continuously on off HDD motor without any my operations.

      Do any one have the same problem and have any experiences in this, do please give me a help!

      Thanks and regards

      William Wang