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    I219-V, no connection.


      Hi, I'm french so I'm already sorry for all the mistakes I'm going to make


      So I built my pc (I7 7700K, GTX 1080, MSI Z70, WIN10), everything was going fine the first 3 days but last sunday I lost the connection, just like this.

      I rebooted my router severals times, same for my pc but nothin. I installed the drivers from Intel website, the latest drivers and also the previous, still nothin. I have this message almost every time, The card Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (2) I219-V meet some drivers problem or equipment.

      I decided to re-install WIN10, my connection came back but just for few minutes, at this time I re-installed WIN10 3 times (Ubuntu too) and weirdly the last time the connetion remains several hours but only at 10 Mbps and when I tried to play a video game (first purpose of my pc) my connection crashed 30second or 1 min after I joined a party and hardly comeback. Now I don't have any connections.

      By the way, my network card had a lot of trouble to recognize my wires, I used 3 differents wires but my card said that my wires are not connected or damaged. I also tried to connect my new pc with my previous pc linked by Ethernet wire, I had the same problem : my wire is not connected or damaged.


      I tried a lot of solutions but nothin is really working for now, I think my network card should be replaced but it takes 3 weeks at least and I would like to find another solution.


      Thank you for reading this post.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi Bowz,

           Thank for posting at Wired Communities. No worries, I can understand what you post here.  

           Just to double check if this is the driver version you installed? 
          As I219V is an onboard NIC, you can check with MSI support if they have customized Windows 10 driver which is more suitable for the NIC on their system. 

            Please provide more information below:
          1)  Have you also tried testing the connection on other router (in case there is spare unit) to test? 
          2) Have you tried upgrading the board BIOS to the latest version?
          3) What is the brand and model of your router? 
          4) What is the cable you used? 
          5) Is there any onboard NIC, you may try disabling the onboard NIC to see if this will make any difference
          6) I would also recommend you to contact MSI* support as the NIC is integrated on their system. 

             Hope the above information help. 


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            Hey Sharon,


            Yes I tried the 22.3 and also the 22.1 but they don't work for me.


            1) Not yet, I will try tomorrow, I'll keep you inform

            2) Yes I tried with the CD of the MB and also from the MSI website.

            3) Sagemcom, Box THD 4K by SFR.

            4) 3 differents RJ45 (cat5e I think)

            5) How can I ?

            6) Yes I will, I trully think my MB should be replaced.


            Thank you for your suggestions .

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              Intel Corporation
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              Hi Bowz,
               Thank you for the information. Please post me with the test result of the driver and further updates. For disabling onboard NIC, you can go to device manager-> look for other onboard NIC aside from I219V under the network adapter entry. In case there is another onboard NIC, click on the onboard NIC and disable it. Thank you.


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                Unfortunately even with another router the result is the same. I checked on my device manage but I didn't found any other NIC.

                This is the message I always have when I try to update the drivers, when I update from the Intel software he tells me that the installation worked but still offline.


                I think I will have to say goodbye to me MB for a while .



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                  Intel Corporation
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                  Hi Bowz,

                   Thank you for the update. I am sorry to hear this and I would suggest you to contact the board vendor to further check as they are in best position to check on the hardware aspect of the onboard NIC. Please try get in touch with MSI* support.