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    Intel Proset Wireless


      My hard drive crashed and I had to replace it.  I have used Intel Proset to manage my wifi and currently I cannot get it to connect.  I am using Windows to manage it, but want to switch back to Intel.  Here is my issue.  Once I select my network and put in the device ownership password, it lists the SSID network name, the security type and network key, which it randomly generates.  The network is already set up and it is WEP and already has a security key.  The issue is that I cannot select WEP as in the drop down my only choice is WPA.  There is another computer that connects to this wireless network and it is a work laptop that is used at home as well and has Windows managing wifi and there is no WPA option.  Any suggestions on how I can set Intel Proset up to manage my Wifi with WEP?  Thanks!