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    Realsense F200 camera broken by Windows Creators update


      The Windows "Creators update" caused my Realsense 3D F200 camera to stop working. After a second update, I now have Windows 10 home, version 1703, OS build 15063.332 (64 bit). Windows would not allow me to roll back to a previous build.


      All apps now fail to access the camera. The camera app returns this error: 0xA00F4243(0xC00D3704), along with the text "It looks like another app is using the camera already." Skype and other apps similarly report that the camera is already in use by some other app.


      After the initial failure, I followed someone's instructions to add a DWORD value (EnableFrameServerMode) to the registry. (Instructions attached.) This fixed the problem temporarily, but within a day or two the camera stopped working again.


      Where can I find an effective fix for this problem?

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          Incompatibility issues with the Creators Update are usually limited to the SR300 model of camera rather than the F200, though I have heard of one case where an F200 user had problems after installing Creators.


          Intel support staff member Jesus G's latest announcement on the matter is:


          "On May 16, 2017, a new driver for the SR300 camera was automatically installed on systems with Windows 10 Creator.  This driver installation caused the SR300 camera to stop working.  Intel worked with Microsoft to identify an issue which caused the unexpected behavior in the way the camera driver installed, which led to a corrupted driver.  Intel is testing a fixed installation package and will be releasing a production version between June 12 - June 30, 2017".


          There is a workaround for the SR300 but reading its instructions, I believe that there would be a risk of doing damage to your RealSense installation if it were used with the F200.  So it may be best to continue with the registry fix when you need to use the camera until the final official fix is released, and see if that fixes your issue with Creators.  However, if you want to try to adapt the SR300 workaround at your own risk, here it is:


          How to get SR300 working on Windows 10 Build 1703 - Including SDK Apps such as Segmentation (Updated 5/17/2017)

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            Thanks for this additional information. I certainly will NOT try to adapt the SR300 solution, because I have almost no idea what I am doing! So I need a solution from MS or from Intel.


            If this problem is affecting the SR300, and not usually the F200, is there any chance that a fix for the F200 will ever be released? Maybe I should be looking for a solution with my computer manufacturer, rather than with Intel. Perhaps they used a lot of these F200s and will discover that they need to address the issue? (The system is a Dell.)

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              Follow-up question for you, MartyG. Can you explain to me why the registry fix was only temporary? You seem to be suggesting that I do that same thing again before using the camera. But if it fixes the problem temporarily, why doesn't it just fix it permanently? I'd like to understand what is happening under the hood here.

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                The F200 is no longer sold by Intel (the SR300 is its next-generation replacement), so it is highly likely that there will be no more updates made specially for it.


                Is your F200 an internal one that is built into your PC, rather than an external USB one?  If so, problems with the internal cameras are much harder to fix than the external cameras.  If you have an internal F200, I would recommend downloading and installing the camera drivers from your manufacturer's driver support web-page.


                If this fails, then some laptop manufacturers provide a Recovery Boot feature.  This is a special kind of restore where it re-installs the Windows version that came with your PC, and also restores the extra software and drivers that came pre-loaded with the machine.  The principle is discussed here for someone else who had problems with their F200:


                Cannot install RealSense F200 driver


                Here's Dell's guide to doing a recovery on their machines.


                Factory reset, restore, or reinstall Microsoft Windows on a Dell computer | Dell US


                If you are not comfortable with adapting the SR300 guide though then I can understand that you would also likely be nervous about doing a recovery process like this.


                In regard to your other question, any change to your system that saves regularly will overwrite the previous status unless there is some condition set that prevents overwrites from being allowed.  An example is how a virus may be able to reinstall itself on your computer if the virus is removed but a hidden part of it is left behind.

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                  Intel Corporation
                  This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                  Hi HHSGRAD,

                  Thank you for your patience. We’ve reviewed your case and would like you to try the following: 

                  1. If the DCM shows up in Programs and Features, but the Virtual Driver isn't installed, uninstall the Intel RealSense Depth Camera Manager from Programs and Features.
                  2. Open Device Manager and find the RealSense RGB and Depth devices under Imaging devices.
                  3. Right-click on RealSense Depth and select Uninstall. The Depth device disappears.
                  4. Right-click on RealSense RGB and select Uninstall. The RGB device disappears.
                  5. Find either WinUSB device or the RealSense device under Universal Serial Bus devices and uninstall.
                  6. Unplug the camera.
                  7. Shut down the PC.
                  8. Plug in the camera.
                  9. Restart PC.
                  10. Wait a few minutes for Windows Update to download and install the DCM. You can also right-click on the Depth node and select Update Driver Software. In the Update Driver Software wizard, select Search automatically for updated driver software.
                  11. Open Device Manager and check Imaging devices for RGB, Depth, and Virtual Driver and Universal Serial Bus devices for the Intel RealSense Camera.
                  In this case, the camera is F200 and embedded into the PC. Since you can’t unplug it, you should skip steps 6 and 8. Also, uninstall all Virtual Drivers from the Device Manager. In the Device Manager, view the "Hidden Devices", and if any RealSense entries are hidden they should be uninstalled too.

                  These steps are the workaround we have for this issue while we wait for a permanent fix. If the instructions above fail to resolve your problem, please contact Dell for support http://www.dell.com/support/incidents-online/us/en/19/contactus/Dynamic . They’ll be able to provide further assistance on the matter.

                  We appreciate your understanding. Try with the steps above and let us know your results.

                  -Sergio A
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                    Here is an update. I contacted Dell and they offered a possible solution, which involved downloading some "fix-it" software, reinstalling the camera driver, and so on. This solution worked. But the next time I restarted windows, the "fix" got "unfixed" and the camera failed again. So apparently Windows is clever enough to discover the changes and overwrite them. At present I am waiting for an appointment with a Dell service representative, who says he will try to fix the problem remotely. Since it clearly is possible to fix the problem from the software side of things, it would be nice if Intel would simply release a driver that is compatible with Windows 10's latest updates.


                    I will post another update. If I find a real, working solution, I will post contact information here for others who encounter this problem.

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                      Did Dell ever fix the problem for you? I am having the exact same issue and tried the exact same solutions. I have Windows 10 (x64) build 14393 and the same camera (Realsense 3D F200).

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                        Hi there nettleflare! I contacted Dell and their helpful technicians walked me through re-installing Windows 10. They believe that a clean install, with updates, ought to work. However, once we got through all of that the camera failed again--this time the failures are intermittent. So they are arranging for me to ship the computer to their service center to see if they can get it working properly.


                        This all takes a lot of time, and of course you have to have good backups because re-installing wipes out all the data. I'm not happy that the problem is persisting, but Dell's service people really are taking it seriously.

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                          it sounds to me like windows10 is automatically updating your install. thus if you get rid of something win10 installed [like a driver that is causing the problem] the next time win10 scans for an update it will again install the driver you got rid of. this may be the reason you can fix it but it is soon broken again. there  are some ways to try and avoid this. you could do a search on"how to turn off auto updates on windows 10" for more info. the way i used is to set my connection to "metered" and win10 notification of update will be given to allow you to view updates before they are installed or even downloaded.

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                            Indeed, something very like this is going on. But it's the reverse. If I uninstall the drivers, and restart, windows 10 automatically reinstalls them and then the silly thing DOES work for a while. Until it fails again, which doesn't take very long.