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    RAID Management for Intel D/W/S Express Chipset SATA RAID controller

    David Gardner

      I have a RAID 1 volume on an Intel S1200BTL server board using the Intel Desktop/Workstation/Server Express Chipset SATA RAID controller (driver version that runs Windows Server 2008 R2. 


      Sitting in front of the server (something I do very rarely as I remotely administer this box), I notice that the RAID BIOS showed that the volume was "degraded".  The BIOS utility only gives options for configuring the volume.  I am looking for a GUI that will tell me what is going on with the volume.


      I downloaded the RST and AHCI Driver and GUI installation and launched the "iata_cd.exe" from the GUI folder after extracting the download from Intel's site.  This stated that it would install drivers as well as the software component.  I installed it on a test box and it prompted for a reboot, which I was unsure of whether it wanted a reboot because of a driver update.  The test box was a desktop that had the SATA AHCI controller on it, but it rebooted fine after installing.


      This is a server for a small business and I can't take any chance that it will not boot back up because of a bunged driver.  I need to get some visibility into what is happening with this volume.  Any ideas the best route to go?