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    DX58SO not stable on triple channel


      Hi All,


      I need your help with this after several hours of testing.


      My rig is:

      i7 920

      intel DX58SO bios 4598

      CORSAIR CMX6GX3M3A1600C9 DDR3 1600Mhz 2x3G

      Sapphire 5770 1GB


      everything are with default settings. CPU runs at 2.66, RAM at 1066Mhz 8-8-8-20, all voltage unchanged. I tested with three rams in triple channel and memtest86 reported errors in each pass. It is weird because i can run memtest for 2 hours w/o errors if I use only one or two rams at a time. I tested each of these blue slot with one ram installed and it works fine so i guess none of these slots is faulty.


      Is it the ram or motherboard that caused this problem?


      Can anybody help? Thanks in advance.

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          You might check to see if the memory stick contact pins are really clean.  Gold rusts.




          PS A pencil eraser is a good way to clean them up.

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            thanks for this advice. I did clean them before i test them. unfortunately the problems are still there

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              I just took a closer look at your setup, and I'm running one nearly the same.


              1. Set your memory to the XMP profile.  Make sure the dram voltage is 1.66 v ( per Corsair, this is really critical ), leave the Command rate set at 2.


              2. Make sure all your mem sticks are all in the blue slots.


              3. Was your cpu in the mb when you flashed the bios? If not reflash the bios to endure the cpu has got the microcode update (s).

                  Reflash to the same level bios is ok. After the reflash, set all settings to optimal default first, then set as needed.


              4. Check your cpu temps while running some load, cpus can heat up really quick if their cooling isn't right.


              5. Watch your power supply levels from the bios for any fluctuations.


              hope this helps,



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                hey tex.thanks again.i did everything you said and the problem is still there.it seems the errors come from very similar address range everytime i test them. they are in 2000-2300mb and also 2700-3000mb.

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                  Ok, try swapping the position of a couple of the memory sticks and see if the address ranges change.  If it does, you may have some defective memory, if not maybe a bad mb.


                  Maybe drop a line over at the Corsair forum, the help over there is ok.



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                    I tried swapping and they are in the same ranges. I am beginning to think it might be compatibility issue of this ram with motheroard. more specifically, this ram could only work in dual channel in this board so i might get get another one of this ram to make dual channel again, i.e. 4 x 2G


                    i dropped a post in corsair forum for support.

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                      to all,


                      i recommend you to use Crucial Ram..


                      their rams is no nonsense..!!

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                        I'm running a DX58SO with a D0 steping i7 920 flashed to the v 4598 bios with 3 TR3X3G1600C8D Corsair sticks at the XMP profile with 1.65 volts.

                        3x 1g triple channel.  As long as I keep the volts at 1.65 everything is a-ok.


                        Think about unplugging the power supply and pulling the cmos battery for 10 - 15 minutes then reflashing the mb.


                        Be sure you're clear on the no jumper restore bios steps using a usb ( since the Smackover does'nt have a floppy ).


                        You might try a earlier rev bios to test.


                        Are your power supply voltage levels in the ball park?


                        If you are using memtest to run the memory could you have an old or corrupted version?