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    How to install HDMI firmware update via Linux?


      I've got a NUC7I5BNH with Ubuntu 17.04 installed. Everything is working great except for the HDMI - 4k 60hz isn't working. I thought I might install your 1.66 HDMI BIOS update, but best I can tell the only way to install it is via Windows. Is there a way to install it via Linux, or via the BIOS somewhere? I really really really really don't want to have to install Windows on this computer just for a BIOS update. Everything is all setup and working really well.


      Regarding 4k 60hz not working, I'm trying to get it working with a Vizio D50u TV that supports 4k 60hz, and I have a "HDMI 2" cable. The NUC currently only seems to support 3840x2160 at max 30hz.


      Thanks for your help.