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    NUC randomly lose HDMI output in standby mode


      dear all

      I have a NUC 7i5bnk, connecting a HDMI monitor working at 4k60hz. i havd had all lastist drivers and updates.

      the problems is, occasionlly (one or two times a day in ten standby mode) the hdmi output will lost in standby mode, whenever i touch keyboard click nouse, the screen will not gose back. but the windows is still work.  no matter i turn off on the monitor and/or dis/reconnect the hdmi cable, the screen will not gose back.  I can wait longer time to the NUC gose to S3 sleep mode, then touch keyboard to wake the system.  mostly, the screen will gose back, and i can continue my work on the NUC .

      I have changed 4 high quality HDMI2.0 cables, still get the same thing happen.

      if anyone have the samilar problem or experiences, do please give me a help.

      thanks and regards.

      William Wang