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    can i buy a binned chip from intel ?


      can intel direct me  to a processing company known to buy wholesale quantities of processors for the intent on binning or as we say shelving a chip for its higher silicon qualities  ? tbh and upfront id pay $1200 for an i7 7700k binned at 5.3 ghtz under 1.392 volts or equal with thermals around 67C under load on water .or even if the temps are spiking between 70c and 95c ill still take it as a binned 5.3 ghtz as long as its 1.392 volts or less. if anyone has one for sale pm me  or info on it pm me please , and thank you, i just want it for a keepsake .i have one that hits almost 5.1 at same specs so a 5.3 would make my wall of fame XD