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    Very slow uploading from Arduino IDE


      I have a Siemens IoT 2020, which is a device based in Galileo Gen 2 Board. I am working on Windows 7 and  with Arduino IDE 1.8.2, but I have tried in others computers with windows 10.

      The issue is the upload is very slow. From Arduino IDE, the upload is about 2 o 3 minutes to upload the Blink sketch.Uff!!  The Sketch works right afterwards, but the upload is very slow.

      I am using latest image version (109741799_Example_Image_V2.1.3), which is on Simenes website.

      I am desesparate, because I have tried everything, but I did not get solve the issue.

      I tested with other SD Card, with other cabling, with others PCs, but the IoT upload doesn’t work. Always the same. Two minutes to upload a sketch. Uff! It is not normal.

      Does somebody know what is the issue?