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    Please fix broken download link to .275 Thunderbolt 3 drivers for NUC7I5BN


      Both the Intel Driver Update Utility and manual driver searches for Win 10 64 bit Thunderbolt 3 drivers for NUC7I5BN* take me to this link;

      Download Thunderbolt™ Bus Driver for Intel® NUC Kit NUC7i5BN and NUC7i7BN

      It says it is the zipped file to the .275 drivers for TB3.  However when unzipped and I hover my mouse on setup.exe it says it is for .250 and failed setup or Programs and Features confirming .250 is still installed are all the verification I need.


      Unless someone can point me to the massive failure on my end, I'll maintain the link is pointing to the older version of the TB 3 software, which I already have installed.  I'd like to get the new version installed.