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    Minecraft display cropped and GUI offset since Driver x.x.x.4664


      I have an Intel i5-6500 and after installing version 4664 of the graphics driver the Minecraft window became cropped and the GUI buttons were offset. This is the same under the latest version, 4678


      You can see the result in a screenshot here: Minecraft screenshot - on Imgur  in particular you can see the text cropped in the bottom left/right, and the same happens when in-game.

      (from a post on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/6dslsx/help_why_is_my_minecraft_blurry_and_cut_off_after/  )


      Downgrade to 4627 and all is fine again.


      I couldn't see anywhere else to post bugs/regressions so hope this is the best place to report it.