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    X540-T1 - Device stopped (code 43)


      Hi there,


      I have 2x the same setup of one X540-T1 network card in a Logic Supply MK100B-50 (ASRock IMB-181-D Motherboard) and in both computers, after a certain amount of usage, the X540-T1 card stops working. When I go in the Windows Device Manager it says "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (code 43)"


      I can disable and re-enable the device to make it work but only temporarly. The problem comes back.

      I've also installed the latest intel driver. It says it is version which was installed with the file: IntelNetworkDrivers-PROWinx64.exe.


      Should this work?

      Any ideas of how to fix this?


      Thank you.


      IntelX540-T1 error - 2017-06-02 16_41_41-.png