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    WARNING: Intel releases another broken BIOS for DX58SO desktop board


      I want to warn everyone that two latest BIOS revisions for this board are broken:


        • 1. Intel BIOS 5020 DX58SO

          The sky is not falling, it works perfectly fine.

          Maybe tighter specs and timings, and to support new chips.

          Works fine, and my Noctura fans, Crucial DDR3...

          It is not unusual looking around eVGA and their BIOS updates that there are always someone having trouble afterwards.

          • 2. Re: Intel BIOS 5020 DX58SO

            Are you nuts? What do you mean it works fine?!?


            Is it fine when my CPU can't use 22x multiplier in Turbo mode?

            Or is it fine when the BCLK is set to 135 MHz by default and can't be set back to 133 MHz in some cases?

            Or when a second BIOS in a row shows wrong multipliers and frequency?




            For me that is unacceptable. If everything is fine for you, then what are you doing here? Go enjoy your system instead of downplaying other people's issues.

            • 3. Re: Intel BIOS 5020 DX58SO



              It's not working fine for me, after a couple of reboots, it quits starting win 7 x64 at all.

              I had to reflash back to the previous version bios.  That's on my i7 965 mb.

              And why only 135 mhz clock? The bios resets itself.


              Maybe you can shed some light on this "Intel Emerge Microcode" in the new bios?




              PS If this is some new Extreme Processor hop up, explain why the no boot?

              • 4. Re: Intel BIOS 5020 DX58SO

                No problems here. BCLK running at 133 MHz (verified in BIOS and CPU-Z) and correct 23x multiplier.


                Igor, I think it a bit unfair having a go at people who post here to say that their system is not affected as you describe. If there is a problem then it is important to gather as much information as possible. Before you accuse me of downplaying your problem also let me state that this is not the case but I would rather hear from as many people as possible, and if their systems are working as they should or not. That way the rest of us can make an informed decision whether to stick with this BIOS revision or not.

                • 5. Re: Intel BIOS 5020 DX58SO



                  Don't worry, I won't accuse you of anything because your tone is completely different.


                  Regarding that "everything is working fine" claim by the previous poster and their instant defensive comparison with other mainboard manufacturer -- all I know is that there are a lot of clueless people on the Internet who wouldn't know whether their toaster is working properly, let alone something as sofisticated as a high-end computer system.


                  If you check my website article, you will notice that I have posted BIOS pictures as an evidence that something is wrong with the latest BIOS.


                  I wrote the article to warn DX58SO owners, and to get Intel's attention so it gets fixed. If people start saying "it works fine for me", Intel won't bother to investigate, much less fix the issue. Saying "it works for me" on its own is bragging, it doesn't help those who have the issue at all as it drowns the original post in noise.

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                    I'm glad to hear you aren't having the 135 clock reset or the no boot or multiplier issues, but what about someone else with say a i7 965 or i7 975?

                    Since this still a sunday thread, let's see what monday's business brings?




                    PS Hopefully, a Intel rep will shed some light on the " Intel Emerge Microcode" question by then.

                    • 7. Re: Intel BIOS 5020 DX58SO

                      I don't see the BIOS listed today for download so you got someone's attention and it was pulled I guess.


                      After 40 yrs using computers, there are always problems. My first system I wored on was 360/30.


                      To say you gave up on Intel support, that they ignored you? maybe, maybe not, or maybe just change the tone perhaps?


                      Crucial RAM has been fine. I trust them. My trust level of Intel and BIOS went down a notch but then, if it ain't broke and you don't need something why tempt fate? and if it failed once, why try 2nd time? to be sure there is a problem.


                      I did finally manage to find a bug or two with this BIOS, so glad it was removed.

                      Attacking me or others, well, that won't get you very far.

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                        No, The 5020 bios is still up on the dx58so board.


                        I found out that " Intel Emerge Microcode " just their name for a microcode update.

                        One thing tho, it has to be loaded into the cpu every time the machine starts up.

                        Np tho, if you reflash to a earlier bios, it goes away.


                        If Intel's plan is to change the default clock freq. from 133mhz to 135mhz they'd

                        better stop printing the speed on their cpu chips.


                        or maybe send out a little upgrade sticker. 


                        My final problem is V droop settings with no documentation in the release notes.

                        These change the memory timings by how?




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                        • 9. Re: Intel BIOS 5020 DX58SO



                          BIOS is unfortunately still there.


                          Regarding your questions:


                          Intel Support for software products (I use some of them like Compiler, etc) is outstanding. Hardware support leaves a lot to be desired. My tone with support is always nice. I am only losing my temper with people who say "it works fine for me".


                          >>if it ain't broke and you don't need something why tempt fate?


                          Because every new BIOS updates CPU microcode, RAID option ROM, improves stability, etc, etc.


                          >>and if it failed once, why try 2nd time?


                          Because I stayed with the broken BIOS first time through waiting for an update and hoping that the problem will be fixed.


                          The reason why I didn't want to flash back is simple -- I wanted to avoid having to redo all my BIOS settings again.

                          • 10. Re: WARNING: Intel releases another broken BIOS for DX58SO desktop board

                            Well 5020 is definitely broken for me as well (Core i7 920 D0/DX58SO-503/GTX275).  Contacted Intel support to notify them of the issues, but not very hopeful that the information will reach the right individuals/groups.


                            Initial flash to 5020 went okay, next system reboot resulted strange behavior (no POST, CPU fan at full RPM), only recovery method was to move board's configuration jumper.  At this point load defaults, shutdown and replace jumper.  When reconfiguring BIOS settings on next start, noticed BCLK incorrect at 135, which pushes memory and QPI out of specifications (particularly bad since i'm already running memory with XMP @ 1600).


                            Strangely unlike Igor, I do not have the 25 multiplier issue.  Tried to set BLCK back to standard value... only takes until you exit BIOS.  Also attempting to set via IDCC from Windows 7 does not cause the setting to hold either.


                            More annoying though, system then fails to reboot properly every 2-3 times (not POST, CPU fan at full RPM)... requiring me to pull configuration jumper each time to resolve the issue.  Finally I got fed-up and reverted to revision 4405, which is working as expected.

                            • 11. Re: WARNING: Intel releases another broken BIOS for DX58SO desktop board

                              Yes, setting back BCLK to 133 MHz doesn't work for me either.


                              Furthermore, I tried setting my memory back to 1333 MHz (which is what I can do with working BIOS because it is 1333 MHz memory after all), and as soon as I change memory multiplier to 20/10 and BCLK to 133 MHz I can no longer boot except in recovery mode.


                              Glad to see that others can confirm the issue.

                              • 12. Re: WARNING: Intel releases another broken BIOS for DX58SO desktop board



                                Have similar problem here, dx58so + i7 920. With 4405 Bios no problem, with 4598 have the x25 multiplier issue (must be x22), with 5020 same multiplier issue. The multiplier is the only one problem for me (no bclk problem !).


                                Please intel FIX IT, i don't think it's a big issue (for both multiplier and bclk).


                                But the very good point with this new bios it's the post boot time, very very very much faster !!!! For me it was the bad point of this board until now.


                                So, i keep the new bios for now and hope for a fixing bios ( but KEEP the speed boot !!!! )


                                (sorry for my poor english, french user inside )


                                I use 3x2 Go Crucial ballistix tracer ram pc3-10600.

                                • 13. Re: WARNING: Intel releases another broken BIOS for DX58SO desktop board

                                  After some test it seems that the good multiplier is used in windows, same for you guys ?

                                  • 14. Re: WARNING: Intel releases another broken BIOS for DX58SO desktop board



                                    Well, if this is now the bug list for the v5020 bios 2/24/2010, then I better mention that it seems that the Intel Desktop Control Center v4.4.1.723 Win7x64 bit is also broken by this bios.


                                    And the spelling on the " Intel Emerge Microcode" is wrong.



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