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    turn off drive light?


      Is there any way to turn off the drive light? That flashing blue rectangle is way too much and is very annoying ...

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          Hello craighanoch ,

          I guess that you ask how to switch off HDD activity in Ring LED on your last generation NUC. If I'm right, please follow this instruction:

          1. Enter bios settings by pressing F2 during boot.

          2. Enter Advanced -> Devices and uncheck the HDD Activity Light . This will disable the Ring Led during HDD activity.


          For your information some users change the functionality of the Ring LED to indicate power status and the Power Button LED to indicate the HDD activity. There are duing this, because like you, they found the Ring LED is too distractive during disk activity. If you want you shall follow the following instruction (leaving  HDD Activity Light in devices checked):

          1. Enter Advance, Power and set Ring LED to Power State Indicator (now the Ring Led will indicate power state)                    

          2. In Advance, Power set Button Led to HDD Activity Light


          After completing the new settings, press F10 followed by "Y" to save the settings and exit.


          Hope this will help



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            Intel Corporation
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            Hello craighanoch,
            Thank you for contacting the Intel community.
            If you are taking about the last Intel® NUC that it was released, the steps lw1948 provided above are the correct steps in order to turn it off.
            Ivan U.

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              Thanks, Leon, it worked! I haven't looked at BIOS features for some time, and this version is great!


              Regards and thanks,


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                I would add that another option is to swap functionality. That is, have the LED ring indicate the system power state and the power button LED indicate disk activity. In both cases, I selected 8% intensity, but I am thinking that intensities truly this low are not physically supported. Anyway, this configuration works great for me; it is not distracting, yet, at the same time, it tells me everything I need to know.


                Of course, this is in my office, not my bedroom. In a bedroom environment, I would like to see a capability for setting a schedule for turning off the LEDs completely (while in Sleep or Ready mode)...


                Hope this helps,