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    Any plans to add support for HD 600 Series ("Kaby-Lake") to Windows 7?




         I was wondering if there was even a chance that Intel might be planning to add support for Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit) for the "Kaby Lake" (HD 600 Series) graphics adapter family?


         I ask this due to the HUGE number of users currently "running back" to Windows 7 once they have had all they can take from Windows 10. Many of the machines out there are soon to become very large PAPER WEIGHTS or BOAT ANCHORS when those user's discover that there on-board graphics are (unfortunately) Kaby Lake, and thus NOT SUPPORTED by Microsoft's current most popular OS (thus making downgrading to Windows 7 impossible, thanks to Intel Corporation and their lack of support...).


         One COULD argue that those users could add add-in graphics cards, but many systems have NO FREE SLOTS for this purpose due to other hardware needs, and, besides, Intel is asking people to add in OTHER HARDWARE, simply so that they can avoid adding the SUPPORT for Windows 7 in themselves? These people already paid good money IN GOOD FAITH for brand new, state-of-the-art hardware, and now must begin UPGRADING ALREADY? Intel will most surely take a PR "hit" for that one...


         Simply from a good business perspective, I would consider adding support for this graphics family to Windows 7 (even if some "special features" might not be fully available...) if I were in charge of the financial decisions for Intel!


         If there isn't a VERY CLEAR and CONCISE REASON why this support can't be added, then I would surely attempt to make it so!!!


         Just take a look at on-line postings from people completely FED UP with the Windows 10 platform, and I think you will agree that it may be a long time before many users "take a chance" on any new MS operating system again after this current fiasco...; Windows 7 is THE NEW Windows XP...


         I have personally had to inform my customers that the BRAND NEW PC they just purchased, simply chock full of Intel hardware, can NOT be downgraded to the Windows 7 platform for ONLY ONE REASON - Intel has no support for the graphics adapter for that OS!!! Then, when they ask me why there is no support, I simply don't know what to tell them. Next, I need to inform them of their NEW OPTION - the purchase of an add-in graphics card at their own expense, simply for the "luxury" of being able to use their new pc in the way it was intended. You should SEE the look of shock and disgust on their faces...; I feel like they blame ME for selling them "a lemon" :-{


         I guess you would need to be in retail computer sales, and deal with the actual PURCHASERS of your hardware, to understand how important the customer satisfaction "factor" can be; I'm afraid many of these customers will probably blame me for this issue, and simply not bring my company their return business...


         - Thanks for your consideration in this regard,



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          Thank you for the response, Stefan.


             Does it seem surprising to anyone out there that EVERY SINGLE INTEL-supplied device in many new PC's is "not" blocked (in any way) by MS for Windows 7 (ie. the hardware is not so-called "7th Generation", but that they include a GRAPHICS ADAPTER that they deem "7th Gen", in order to "explain" why it is not supported on Windows 7?


             I have found drivers for Windows 7 (both 32 & 64-bit) for each and every device made by Intel on many of these PC's - without difficulty!!! But when I attempt to find a driver for the HD 600 series ("Kaby Lake") graphics adapter, we are informed that it (and its related graphics hardware (ie HD 610, 620, what have you...) is "blocked" and NOT SUPPORTED, and it turns out that this is a Microsoft decision?


             Talk about trying to "force" users into using their latest OS offering, which in the minds of many "blows chunks"!


             Microsoft: "I'm sorry, but that graphics adapter is "seventh generation", and thus we won't ALLOW it to be supported by the most successful and popular OS we have yet offered; you must "adapt" and use our p.o.s. (sic) called Windows 10" (gag, heavy amount of laughter on the other end of the support line...).


             Just another one of the many ways Microsoft is trying to dictate to it's user community what THEY want them to buy (and NOT what the public really NEEDS, which is a properly functioning and rock-solid operating system). I'll be damned if I don't despise that company more and more every passing day!!!


             Look into Linux, folks - don't let that bunch of a-holes screw us over any more! I'm just bloody sick-to-death of this nonsense... :-{


             Saddened once more...

             Andre R. Gagne


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            Oh, yeah, and as an aside:


               The Kaby Lake graphics adapter family is FULLY SUPPORTED on many of the more popular Linux-based OS's, including Ubuntu and family (16.04 and up). So, not only is it perfectly FEASIBLE to add support for a graphics adapter of this type, but it HAS BEEN DONE for other, better designed operating systems. The decision NOT to support this graphics adapter family on Win7 is almost surely based on a desire on Microsoft's part to PUSH it's crappy OS on its user-base.


               Windows 10 does indeed "suck", and it is very likely the next Vista...just sayin'...