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    Windows display update breaks HD Graphic 530 second video output




      I have installed 10 industrial PC with the following specs:

      - ASRock IMB-191 with Intel HD Graphic 530

      - Intel i5-6500TE CPU, 8 GB

      - Windows 7 Pro 64-bits


      The 1st PC video output is connected to the PC internal monitor with DisplayPort.

      The 2nd PC video output is connected to a remote display with HDMI.


      All the PC have been running fine with the 2 displays during a few months, but the customer recently complained that they lost the 2nd remote display on the 10 PC after installing a big batch of windows updates.


      I suspect the following update from Windows Update:

      Intel Corporation - Display - 12/10/2016 12:00:00 AM -


      The issue was solved after rolling back the video driver to the old version:

      - "Old" driver working: (1/10/2015)

      - "New" driver not working: (12/10/2016)


      Even though this issue is solved for now, I would like to check if this issue is known by Intel, and if future WIndows graphics update will break or not the 2nd display again.


      I enclose the Intel System Support Utility results.


      Thank you,