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    Looking For Help For a Motherboard Upgrade


      I put together a desktop computer back in 2010 and am looking for some guidance on motherboard/processor for a new system.


      I would prefer to go with Intel products and retain some of the components of my current system (case, power supply, etc.)


      I would prefer to continue using the ATX form factor.


      I use the computer strictly for home finance, spreadsheet, word processing, web browsing, email, photo storage and editing, ebook editing.  No games.


      I'd like to have a good number of USB 3.0 ports and enough SATA sockets to handle at least three hard/SSD drives.


      I would like to go with a new board and new processor so that I can be as certain as possible that I will be good for the next 5-7 years.  Probably a i7 processor.


      Some help in choosing a new board and new processor would be great.


      Any ideas?