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    Intel G45 w/ Samsung TV = HDMI signal loss after install or sleep


      So I have a Samsung TV hooked up to my MSI G45M digital motherboard via the HDMI port.  After the install of the latest version of the Intel drivers completes, the screen went blank and HDMI signal was lost to the TV.  Rebooting the system brought back the graphics.  As long as the computer doesn't go to sleep or the TV stays on and connected to the computer everything is fine.


      However, if the computer goes into sleep mode or if the TV is turned off while the computer is still on (or switched to a different mode), the HDMI signal is lost.  When the computer is on and display is working, if you turn the TV off, then turn it back on; while the TV is powering up, a hardware connect sound is made by the computer, but a hardware disconnect sound is also heard before the TV image appears.  When the TV image does appear, it reads HDMI signal loss.


      If I downgrade to the original Microsoft signed version 1.1  of the display drivers, this does not occur.  But these drivers are not stable and obsolete by this time.  I'd prefer being able to upgrade and still have the TV working as it should.


      So, how does one prevent the HDMI signal loss to the TV?  Which is the only display connected to the computer.  Is there a known workaround to correct this problem?