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    Failed to connect: org.bluez.Error.Failed




      I have referred Bluetooth error and How do I solve Failed to pair: org.bluez.Error.AuthenticationFailed error on Intel Edison but no change in result.


      root@edison:~# rfkill unblock bluetooth
      root@edison:~# bluetoothctl
      [NEW] Controller 98:4F:EE:03:8A:56 edison [default]
      [bluetooth]# agent KeyboardDisplay
      Agent registered
      [bluetooth]# default-agent
      Default agent request successful
      [bluetooth]# scan on
      Discovery started
      [CHG] Controller 98:4F:EE:03:8A:56 Discovering: yes
      [NEW] Device 11:75:58:86:5C:15 ZB-AQUA
      [NEW] Device 2C:33:7A:5A:63:6A LPP2-KISHOR
      [bluetooth]# scan off
      [NEW] Device 7C:E9:D3:BD:E2:07 LPZ-EE207837
      [CHG] Device 7C:E9:D3:BD:E2:07 RSSI is nil
      [CHG] Device 2C:33:7A:5A:63:6A RSSI is nil
      [CHG] Device 11:75:58:86:5C:15 RSSI is nil
      Discovery stopped
      [CHG] Controller 98:4F:EE:03:8A:56 Discovering: no
      [bluetooth]# trust 11:75:58:86:5C:15
      [CHG] Device 11:75:58:86:5C:15 Trusted: yes
      Changing 11:75:58:86:5C:15 trust succeeded
      [bluetooth]# pair 11:75:58:86:5C:15
      Attempting to pair with 11:75:58:86:5C:15
      [CHG] Device 11:75:58:86:5C:15 Connected: yes
      [CHG] Device 11:75:58:86:5C:15 UUIDs:
      [CHG] Device 11:75:58:86:5C:15 Paired: yes
      Pairing successful
      [CHG] Device 11:75:58:86:5C:15 Connected: no
      [bluetooth]# connect 11:75:58:86:5C:15
      Attempting to connect to 11:75:58:86:5C:15
      Failed to connect: org.bluez.Error.Failed


      I am using latest yocto version provided by Intel Communities. ZB-AQUA is a Bluetooth speaker. previously it got connected with same edison but now org.bluez.Error.Failed is coming.


      I am able to connect my phone with both edison and speaker separately. i want to connect edison and speaker to play music for my project.


      Thanks and regards

      shubham gupta