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    I210 <-> BCM5241: Link to BCM PHY works, no link from PHY to I210


      We have a simple on board I210 in copper 10/100 mode connected to a BCM5241 PHY. The BCM PHY sees link at 100M from the I210, but the I210 cannot see link from the BCM PHY. So, TX from the I210 functions, but RX on the I210 has no link. We have attempted turning off and on internal RX AC bypass caps on the I210, but still do not see link.


      The MDI traces are connected directly to one another on the the PCB. I210 MDI0 is the TX and I210 MDI1 is the RX. There are no magnetics in-between.


      The signal from the I210 looks good on a scope, but looking at the receive side, it is very noisy. Has anyone encountered this issue?