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    Edison kit for Arduino - hangs, not working with peripherials


      My Edison kit for Arduino is crashing when:

      1. Disonnecting USB (Device) - 12V supplied

      2. Connecting peripherials (relay, rangefinder)

      3. Sometimes after flashing new program


      Relay sometimes flicker, sometimes crashing the whole thing.

      The program never starts properly after powering the board, I have to reflash my program.

      I have most recent image installed.


      I also tried to make connection between Mega2560 and Edison (TX1->RX0|RX1->TX0|GND-GND) with this, example1: Serial Input Basics - updated  http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=396450.0 No success, no data received on Edison.


      I'm using only Arduino IDE.


      This is my code: [C++] Edison code - Pastebin.com