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    'Bricked' after firmware update


      Hi, I've just updated the firmware to 1F1, and after one reboot which seemed to be working fine it now won't boot.  I don't get any of the blue or green sequence lights, although the solid green (power?) light is on, and the fan powered by gpio.  If I boot it into DNX Windows recognises it and I can go through the firmware flashing procedure seemingly fine, but again at boot nothing.  Any idea?

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          I had the same issue. If you hookup the debug port you'll get some output, but not much. To "solve," I just flashed it with an older BIOS to bring me back to what I had before trying to go up to 1F1.



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            Oh, weird!  So going back to 1D1 didn't do anything - still dead, but going back to 193 does boot it again, although bizarrely with a bright white led now next to the blue one, which I never had before.  I've been running 193 up to now and the boot led sequence seemed to be quick blue led, then two sequential green ones.  Now I get long blue+white..  But, appears to be running again!  Thanks for the heads up

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              Tried to flash 1D1 again from 193 and again it 'bricks' - no leds, nothing (except for the solid green power led).  Back to 193 and I get this odd sequence of blue/white/green/blue/white/green then blue/white together for a while before it boots and they all go out.  Seems to be working though, but clearly something is amiss or at least very different from before.  Is the board damaged or misconfigured in some way?

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                fnoop - I should note that when I flashed and it would not boot, I was using our own custom board. It would still boot just fine on the Intel development board. Are you using a custom board or the Intel board?



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                  I'm using the standard dev board from Intel.  I'm surprised to not get any response from Intel on a firmware issue like this.

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                    Intel Corporation
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                    Hello fnoop,

                    Sorry for the late reply, and thank you for the detailed information regarding the issue.

                    I’ll be needing more to time to search what may be causing that issue.

                    As soon as I have relevant information I’ll post it here.

                    If you have any update or question, don’t hesitate to contact us.

                    Thank you for your patience.

                    Have a nice day.

                    Andres V.

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                      I also have a couple of bad 550x's as well and a dead 5v rail on my dev expansion board after the update to the 1F1 bios update. I read this post of course after I had attempted the updates.


                      Similar issues it boots once and then nothing after that, the power supply area of my dev board heated up and how the 5v has no output.


                      I guess I will be contacting support for warranty replacements.





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                        Just as a follow up, I successfully flashed the newest 1H3 firmware today on this same Joule that 'bricked' on the previous 1D1/1F1 firmwares.  I got a solid white LED after first flash and nothing, but then after flashing with -clear flag as noted in the firmware release notes, I now get no LEDs but the joule is alive and working fine.

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                          Does yours take a long time to boot now that it has 1H3 installed?



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                            It did the first once or twice, but seems OK now.  There are no lights in the boot sequence.

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                              I just want to let you know that there are changes between BIOS version regarding the LED colors or booting time. For example:


                              • LED colors and patterns can change between BIOS versions.
                              • BIOS 1D1 and 1F1 can cause delayed boot or hangs.
                              • It’s recommended to use the BIOS 1H3 and flash it with –clear option as it’s mentioned in the release notes.


                              I recommend you to check the release notes of each BIOS version for additional details. The information about the BIOS versions can be accessed from this guide: IoT



                              Andres V.