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    intel i9 - socket 2066 vs socket 2011v3


      Hello! Yesterday we (consurmes) saw the confirmation of future lauch of intel i9 processors. This information was gotten from a lot of sites on the web. Some specs let me down. Is intel really launching i9 processors with socket 2066? It's kind of frustating because many people, mainly enthusiatics, just bought processors with socket 2011v3 like i7 6800 to i7 6950. It means, again and again and again and again  and again and forever again, the need of changing the motherboard. I think Intel only have consurmers at USA, where its processors are cheaper than others countries.

      In Brazil, we have to pay 70% of taxes from importing products. Also, the importer puts 30% of margin. It ends to double the value.


      Intel Announces New Core X-Series, Including 18-Core i9 CPU - ExtremeTech https://www.extremetech.com/computing/250052-intel-announces-new-core-x-series-including-18-core-i9-cpu