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    How to enable the output clock on PLT_CLK_0 pin?




      I'm using Intel Curie on an Arduino101 board.


      How to enable an output clock on PLT_CLK_0 ?


      On arduino_101, PLT_CLK_0 is on GPIO_8, and I have configured it as an OUTPUT.


      I read the CCU_EXT_CLOCK_CTL register and the external clock is supposed to be enabled (CCU_EXT_CLK_EN = '1'). (Table 419 in  Intel® Quark™ SE Microcontroller C1000 February 2017 Datasheet Document Number:473)

      In the same datasheet (see figure 7) I understand that the external clock is wired to the system output clock. Is it wired to PLT_CLK_0 ?