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    What does MCi_STATUS MSR = 0x00000000BE000000000000000100110B and MCi_STATUS MSR = 0x00000000BE000000000000000100117B mean?


      I have encountered two BSODs (bug check 0x124) on two different devices using Intel Celeron 3765U @ 1.9 GHz.

      Additional parameters provided by the bug check:


      1. 0, 0xFFFFFA800532A038, 0xBE000000, 0x100110B

      2. 0, 0xFFFFFA800530C038, 0xBE000000, 0x100117B


      Have created a support ticket at Microsoft and support engineer asked me to check contents of the MCI_STATUS MSR with Intel.

      So here it is:


      1. MCi_STATUS MSR = 0x00000000BE000000000000000100110B

      2. MCi_STATUS MSR = 0x00000000BE000000000000000100117B


      Additionally a support engineer at Intel already opened the case# 02812568.


      Is it possible to gain more information from the contents of the MCI_STATUS MSR?


      Thank you very much in advance.