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    My Core2Duo e8500 only shows 1 core...


      Alright, so I have a Core 2 Duo e8500, and my XP install is fully legit. In the past I remember being able to view, and use the "Set Affinity" option in the task manager for any processes that I wanted, as with a dual core you can set a process to use CPU0, CPU1 or BOTH (this is the default setting).

      Anyways, today I noticed that I no longer had the option to "Set Affinity" and I thought that was a little weird, then I went to the performance tab in the task manager to see if there was two graphs for CPU Usage to represent the two cores, and there was not. Now I was a little more than worried, so I downloaded CPU-Z to check, and had all my friends with Core 2 Duos check as well. They all had 2 cores and 2 threads listed in CPU-Z while I only had one each.

      However when you restart the computer, on the first screen that shows your master/slave sata drives, it clearly says e8500 @ 3.16ghz , 2cpus.

      I have also noticed for the past 2-3 weeks that my PC has been slightly weird and has been freezing/crashing a lot and when I play cs it just isn't the same as it used to be, nothing seems to reg like it once did and it just doesn't feel as smooth anymore. Also its not like I have viruses (I reformat all the time, and am quite aware of that type of stuff) or extra programs running in the background (my computer boots up with 20 processes and it stays like that until I run a program my self) that could cause this, or anyone on my internet connection (im the only person on it).

      In the BIOS if I use fail safe settings, it puts my multiplier to 6 instead of 9.5 giving me 1980mghz (lol) and still 1 core shows up. If I use the optimized settings, it keeps the multiplier at 9.5 giving me the 3.16ghz again and still only 1 core.

      Here are three screenshots to better explain what I mean:




      If anyone knows why it is acting like a single core or how I can fix this, that would be greatly appreciated.