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    Skull Canyon without Thunderbolt Controller


      I have an Intel NUC 6i7KYK Skull Canyon. It should have Thunderbolt 3.

      I noticed Thunderbolt software/drivers did not exist on my Windows 10 installation, so I installed the TBT_Win7_8.1_10_64_16.2.55.275 drivers. That was nice, but it didn't help fully.

      As you can see, the controller information is not there. This is disappointing since I was going to buy an eGPU and video card today.


      I attempted to upgrade the firmware with Thunderbolt-3-Firmware-Update-Tool-Version25. This wasn't working because of a version mismatch, so I used Version 18 to open the tool, then used the Intel_NUC_AR_HR_2C_B1_rev25_W_TI_1_7_0_SEC1_sign.bin file to flash. The flash seemed to work, and then I could see the controller information in the lower part of the Details window.


      After restarting my computer, I have not been able to see any details about the Thunderbolt controller. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Thunderbolt Bus Driver, though that hasn't helped. I've used Intel Driver Update Utility to scan my system, though when I attempt to install the TBT driver, the message is, "failed".


      How do I get my NUC with Windows 10 Version 1703 (OS Build 15063.332) to recognize the Thunderbolt controller?