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    Intel HD500 Quicksync features


      Hello, I'm a proud owner of a i5 2500k that still runs pretty good after six years. Lately I've been doing a lot of h265 enconding (mostly to save some space) and I found myself a little bit desperated waiting for these to finish. I know h265 is still underdeveloped and its speed is pretty low, but I'm not planning on upgrading anytime soon. However I've been thinking about building a low comsumption home server for some time now, and I know modern versions of Quicksync allow for h265 hardware encoding (obviously not at the same quality as software, but that's not what I'm after), so I thought I could 'kill two birds with one stone' and take advantage of the home server to do that for me. Watching reviews I found the Celeron J3455 to be a really good option for my tasks, but after googling for a couple of hours I can't find Quicksync specs for its GPU (Intel HD 500).


      Can you tell me if J3455 is capable of hardware encode h265? I really really don't want to go for a much higher model mostly due to power comsuption, I want to run the home server for 24/7 and the price of the power here isn't cheap.