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    NUC7i7BNH Not Powering On - Orange Power Button




      Just yesterday I updated all the drivers, BIOS, and firmware for my new Intel NUC7i7BNH. I unplugged it and moved it to it's permanent location.


      Now, when I put the power cord in the back of the device, the power button lights up in orange. When I press the button, the light turns blue and the display LED stays lit in blue, no flashing.

      The device does not boot, no graphics are out put to HDMI. The fan comes on and blows a little.


      What is wrong? Should I return the device?



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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Richard_in_Germany,
          Thank you for contacting the Intel community.
          I know that this may not be the case but make sure if the monitor has multiple video inputs, you select the correct source. This selection is usually made via an INPUT or SOURCE option on the display's remote control device.
          If that is not the case, try the following:
          Try unplugging any component from the NUC, power adapter, RAM, SSD, mouse, keyboard etc and leave it like that for a least 30 minutes and then start plugging components again, I suggest you to try connecting the power adapter and one memory stick first, no SSD or any other component, start the system and see if you can access the BIOS like that, if you can access the BIOS, try adding the SSD and see if you can access Windows and then try adding more components.
          Please let me know if that works for you.
          Best regards,
          Ivan U.

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            Thank you for your prompt response.


            These were my steps:


            1. Removed RAM, M2, and SSD.

            2. Changed TV settings to HDMI always on for the chosen HDMI input.

            3. Connected HDMI using a second cable (to the side input for testing) and powered on: Orange power on button.4. Pushed power on: blue power on button, 3 blinks. This means memory error.

            4. Added RAM. Powered on again.

            6. Received messages "Searching for media devices..." and "No boot media found."

            7. Added M2 with the boot partition. Added Logitech keyboard USB dongle (no point booting without a keyboard)

            8. Success. Booted fine to the operating system.

            9. Added the SSD back.

            10. Reconnected HDMI, this time to the rear input panel for permanent installation.

            11. No Signal. No Boot. Blue circle LED permanently lit. Failure in the HDMI cable?

            12. Changed HDMI cable to rear panel input.

            13. Success.




            A. The NUC is fine, just weird (see below).

            B. One of my HDMI cables is defective / incompatible with the NUC.

            C. I needed to change the HDMI settings on the TV to be permanently powered, and not "Auto" enabled. (Sony Bravia).

            D. The orange button color means Hibernate? Or some other low power state?


            The reason why I say the NUC is weird: without a functioning, receptive HDMI receiver the device won't boot. I've never seen this behaviour before, why does it not boot without a target monitor? All my devices use HDMI Auto On... Except the NUC.


            Thanks for your help!